Architectual Drawings and Renderings

Our Architect...

Nearly 8 years ago, the Future State Committee, now Branching Out, hired architect Donn Bohde from Sauriol Bohde Wagner Architects and Associates, Inc. to put our vision to paper and eventually into reality. Mr. Bohde is also the  Architectual Advisor for the Lutheran Church Extension Fund Architectural Advisory Committee.

Mr. Bohde has a background in many building types, but has specialized in religious architecture and designs for worship environments for many years.   In addition to religious architecture, Mr. Bohde and his firm specialize in educational environments and early childhood centers. 

Mr. Bohde is responsible for the many church building projects in SE Michigan, including:

  • St. Paul Lutheran Church, Trenton MI
  • Grosse Pointe Congregational Church
  • St. John Lutheran Church, AuGres MI
  • Trinity Lutheran Church, Utica MI

Over these years, Mr. Bohde has provided our committee various drawings and 3D designs, based on different budget levels and building strategies.  Ideas have been changed over the years and fine-tuned into the exciting and inspirational designs  you now see on this page. 

Our own committee member, Kevin Pruzinsky, is working directly with Mr. Bohde and is a critical person in discussing and understanding the building and construction component of our project. 






Phase 1 Sketch: The Hexagon Building stays and new classrooms are wrapped around from the cafeteria side to the back of the gym and connected to the existing class rooms.  The existing classrooms will have new bumpout bathrooms. Pre-School, Young 5's and Kindergarten are moved to the East Side of the building (shaded in light yellow). These classrooms are redesigned as the new Early Childhood Center and include more space and more bathroom access.

Phase 1 Aerial Shot: This is an architectural rendering from the air of Phase 1 and its components in this portion of the project. The new classrooms are shaded in dark gray.

Master Plan:  This is the Master Plan.  The Hexagon Building is removed. A beautiful new main entrance is created. A new hallway is created near the gym showers to connect both sides of the school.  A new basement is added and connected to the existing basement and will include more rooms and facilities for ministries, events and storage. It will also create more space in the narthex, better and more efficient office space, a new cry room/nursery for our children and young families.  The Master Plan was voted on and approved unanimously by our voters.

Phase 1: New classroom wrap-around. Back of the church and school View is from the West.  The Hexagon Building is still standing in P1.

Phase 1:  View from on top of the Hexagon Building. A new entranceway is created near the cafeteria which leads into the new wing of classrooms on the West side of the school.

Phase 1: New classroom wrap-around from the back to the East side of the school. Notice the bump out bathrooms added to the existing classrooms.

Phase 1:  Another angle of the new bump out bathrooms and connected classrooms.

Phase 1: New classrooms and Early Childhood Center, including bump-out bathrooms.

Phase 1:  Another view of the new classroom wrap-around, featuring new handicap accessible and stroller accessible entries. 

Master Plan View#1: Includes Phase 1 classroom wrap-around, removal of the Hexagon building (compare with Picture #1), and resdesigned main entrance.