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Fall Sports
- Soccer (5-8 grade boys & girls)
- Cross Country (5-8 grade boys & girls)
- Junior Varsity Volleyball (5-6 grade)
-Varsity Volleyball (7-8 grade)
Winter Sports
- Junior Varsity Girls Basketball (5-6 grade)
-Junior Varsity Boys Basketball (5-6 grade)
-Varsity Girls Basketball (7-8 grade)
-Varsity Boys Basketball (7-8 grade)
Spring Sports
- Track (5-8 grade boys & girls)
-Mel Ott Baseball (1-8 grade boys & girls)

St. John is a member of the North Suburban Lutheran Athletic Association (NSLAA). Athletic directors from each member school meet throughout the year to schedule games and disucss policy. The safety of the athletes and a focus on Christ are the two main objectives of the NSLAA. 

St. John sport teams are divided into two classifications: Junior Varsity and Varsity. Because there is a distinction of age and skill development, these groupings have different approaches and standards. 

Junior Varsity (generally grades 5 & 6): The goal of the Junior Varsity program is to provide instruction of all basic skills of each sport. Playing time should be close to equal for all members of the team during the season, but may not be equal each game. Any students meeting the proper grade level and eligibility requirements may participate. There are no cuts from the team at this level.  

Varsity (generally grades 7 & 8): The Varsity program is more advanced and competitive. Athletes should go beyond the Junior Varsity level by practicing on their own during the off season and/or attending camps. Playing time won't be equal for every member of the team. Athletes MUST earn playtime. Team size will determine whether try-outs are necessary. 


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