What to Expect

Planning on visiting St. John for worship?  Here's some common questions and answers to prepare you for your visit.

What's a service like?

Along with the sounds of newborns worshiping alongside great-grandparents and everyone in between, services at St. John are filled with the familiar sounds of the Lutheran Liturgy.  Because we take pride in our rich heritage as well as the contributions of the hymn writers of today, nearly all our services come from the Lutheran Service Book.  You won’t always get the same service, but you’ll always get something familiar to Lutheran ears.  Click here to see a typical Sunday morning service.

What's the music like?

The Scriptures encourage us to let the Word of Christ dwell among us as we teach and admonish one another through singing (Colossians 3:16).  Therefore, we at St. John take great pride in being a musical congregation.  Along with the organ and piano leading the congregation’s singing of hymns, psalms, and canticles, we are blessed with the additional musical contributions of adult and children’s choirs, bells, and brass groups.

What should I wear?

Worshipers at St. John wear jeans, suits, and everything in between.  Some men worship in slacks and a polo or oxford style shirt, while others wear a shirt and tie.  Most women worship in a casual dress or in slacks and a nice shirt.  We ask only that clothing be modest so as not to become a distraction to other worshipers who are trying to focus on the proclamation of our Lord’s Word.

What about my kids?

Bring them! We at St. John love having kids in the service.  We believe that because children are as much members of the Body of Christ as any adult, they are fed and nourished by regular worship attendance where they learn to sing, pray, and worship with the Church on earth.  Because we recognize the reality of parenting, we also offer a mother’s room for nursing mothers or crying babies.

Can I take communion?

Holy Communion is a participation in the true body and blood of Christ for the forgiveness of sins.  In faithfulness to the teaching of Scripture (1 Corinthians 11:27-29; Romans 16:17), we believe that unity in belief comes before unity at the altar.  Therefore, we practice closed communion, celebrating communion with all who share our confession.  We ask that guests desiring to commune speak with a pastor before the service.  Click here for more information.

Is there Sunday School?

Sunday School is held year-round between the services at 9:30am.  Taught by volunteers, Sunday School classes are divided by grade during the school year, but are combined in the summer months.  The Sunday School leads a Christmas service each year and occasionally sings during one of the regular Sunday services.

What about Bible Class?

Bible Class is offered between the services year-round at 9:30am.  During the school year, the Pastors lead a study in the cafeteria while volunteers lead 2-3 smaller group studies in classrooms.  During the summer volunteers lead the Bible Class in the cafeteria.  For a list of current and upcoming Bible Classes, click here.

Where do I park?

Handicapped and Visitor Parking is available in the lot on the east side of the Church.  There is general parking available in the lots on the north and west sides of the building.

What if I still have questions?

If you still have questions or if you are interested in membership information, contact the church office by phone at (586) 293-0333 or by email at churchinfo@stjohnfraser.org




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