Welcome to St. John Lutheran Church & School (LCMS). We are a gathering of forgiven sinners committed to bringing the gift of our Lord's Word into people's lives and relationships through Worship, Christian Education, and Christian Fellowship.  Please join us as we gather together to encourage and uplift each other with the gifts of our Lord!

We who are redeemed by Christ gather around Word and Sacrament, strengthened to proclaim the saving Gospel to our community and the world.

Our Stand on Children in Church
Saint John encourages children of all ages to worship in church. God’s Word is intended for them as well as adults. Encourage your child to participate in the service. Consider sitting closer to the front so your child can see the activity in the chancel. If your child is restless, a cry room is available. We encourage you to try to return to the service if possible, for the benefit of both you and your child.
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16339 Fourteen Mile Road
Fraser, Michigan  48026


Service Times
 8:00 am         Sunday Worship
11:00 am       Sunday Worship
7:00 pm          Monday Worship

Church Contact Information
Church Phone: 586.293.0333
Church Fax: 586.293.5442
Church Email: churchinfo@stjohnfraser.org

School Contact Information
School Phone: 586.294.8740
Preschool Phone: 586.293.6257
School Fax: 586.294.9565
School Email: stjohnfraser@hotmail.com


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