The following is a proposed Timeline for completing the entire Master Plan:


The dates on this timeline are not set in stone. They are goals for us as a congregation to meet. 
If we don't meet our financial goals by the proposed dates, the timeline may be moved back.
If we exceed our financial goals before the proposed dates, the timeline may be moved forward.


The Updated Phase 1 Plan was approved by voters and Groundbreaking is scheduled for early June 2018. 

  • The construction of 7 new classrooms
  • A new library/media center
  • New additional restrooms for our school children
  • Bringing the entire building up to current local and state code requirements
  • Heating and cooling improvements for both the church and the school
  • Church organ repairs and upgrades
  • Fire suppression system for entire building
  • Making our building more secure
  • Energy conservation measures
  • Strengthening the ability of the building to withstand a tornado
  • Electrical and water line upgrades
  • Improvements to our site to hold water on our territory
  • Parking lot improvements
  • Work on the organ has already begun and is expected to be finished by November 2018.