How can a young man keep his way pure?null
By guarding it according to your word. (Psalm 119:9)

As a community of believers who are rooted and growing in Christ, we at St. John believe that the teenage years are important as young men and women begin to understand the truth of Scripture on a deeper level while at the same time facing an assault of temptations each and every day.  In an effort to help our youth guard their faith in the Word of the Lord, we offer the following:


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Weekly Bible Study 
Each week the youth of St. John gather together to study how the eternal truth of our Lord's Word applies to life as a teen in the 21st century.  The format will change periodically, sometimes centering around a movie, sometimes a single video clip, and other times using a topical to discuss one important contemporary issue.  All high school age teens are invited.  Contact the church office for more information.

National Youth Gathering 
St. John's youth join with youth from across the Missouri Synod every three years for the National Youth Gathering.  These gatherings are a time of fellowship, worship, and education.  Youth participate in fundraisers in the years leading up to each gathering.  Click here for information on the next National Youth Gathering.  
Contact the church office for more information. 

Social Gatherings 
Because it can be difficult for today's youth to find a place to have fun while surrounded by other Christians who will build each other up in the faith, the St. John youth gather together throughout the year for outdoor movies, ice skating, laser tag, and much more.  Contact the church office for more information.